some|thing [ `sʌmθıŋ ] pronoun ***
1. ) used for referring to a thing, idea, fact, etc. when you do not know or say exactly what it is:
I could smell something burning.
Carl said something about an operation.
Whenever she sees something that she likes, she goes and buys it.
Her brother is something in advertising (=he has a job in advertising).
something important/better/wrong/special etc.: Be quiet I have something important to tell you.
Jake looks pale is there something wrong with him?
something else (=something different): I'd love to quit my job and do something else with my life.
something to eat/drink/wear (=food, drink, or clothes): Would you like something to drink?
something to do (=an activity): There's always something to do at the farm.
something or other: He's always complaining about something or other.
a ) ...or something (like that/of the sort) used for referring to any of a group of things or possibilities without being specific:
We should at least call or something and make sure she's all right.
He works as an investment banker or something like that.
2. ) used for giving a description that is not exact or that you are not certain of:
something like: They say creating a work of art is something like giving birth.
The house looks something like a medieval fortress.
something between: The look on Max's face was something between puzzlement and anger.
a ) used for giving an amount that is not exact or that you are not certain of:
something like: The building is going to be something like 12 stories tall.
something between/around: He's earning something between $30,000 and $35,000 a year.
An average house in the area costs something around $100,000.
3. ) SPOKEN used when you cannot remember the rest of someone's name, the rest of a number, the words of a song, etc.:
I can't remember his name Harry something, I think.
The account number was four-two-three-something-something-five.
be really/quite something SPOKEN
to be very impressive:
You should see the summer exhibition it's quite something!
We took the new super-fast train, and that was really something.
What Noreen's done with the business is quite something.
be something of a
1. ) used for emphasizing that someone is fairly good at something or has a fairly good knowledge of something:
My grandmother was something of a poet.
Jill considers herself to be something of an environmentalist.
2. ) used for showing that you are not being very definite in the way you are describing someone or something:
Woods's performance in the tournament was something of a disappointment.
do something
to take action in order to deal with a situation:
Don't just stand there do something!
I wish I could have done something to help those poor children.
do something about: Why doesn't the government do something about the rising fuel prices?
have something to do with
used for saying that something is related to something else, especially when you do not know or do not give the exact details:
I can't always open my e-mails it has something to do with the type of attachment they come with.
make something of yourself INFORMAL
to become successful through your own efforts:
I wanted to prove to my family that I could make something of myself.
something for nothing INFORMAL
if someone gets something for nothing, they get what they want without any payment, work, or effort
that's saying something MAINLY SPOKEN
used for emphasizing that what you have said is more extreme than it seems:
Chloe is even more beautiful than her sister, and that's saying something.
that's something SPOKEN
used for saying that there is one fact that you are pleased about in a situation that is not satisfactory:
She may not be the best worker, but she always tries hard, and that's something.
I have only enough money for basic necessities. Well, that's something.
there is something about
used for saying that someone or something has a particular quality but you are not certain what it is:
There was something about his face that reminded me of my uncle.
There's something about Christmas that makes everyone behave like children.
there is something strange/peculiar/funny etc. about: There was something rather strange about the way he talked.
there is something in/to something
used for saying that there are true facts or important ideas in what someone says:
A lot of people support Katz's theory, so there must be something in it.
I think there may be something to his story anyway, I'll question him further.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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